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About Us

Aylesbury Press is an independent medical publishing house producing books in print and electronic format that address current health issues for practitioners, academics, and other health professionals. Our publications are written by respected and knowledgeable clinical experts with significant experience treating the conditions they describe. Our goal is to create authoritative, practical, clinical, high-quality, enduring books that our readers can rely upon, and revise them frequently. We look to publish across the range of common health conditions as well as some less common ones.

Our first publication, Medical Cannabis: What Clinicians Need to Know and Why by Gregory L. Smith, MD, MPH, was published in March 2016. Medical Cannabis is the first, single source for concise, up-to-date information about which conditions respond to cannabis, dosing guidance, and the safe use of cannabis. 

Aylesbury Press is an imprint of OEM Health Information, Inc. Founded in 1987 for the purpose of providing information on timely topics of relevance for occupational health professionals, OEM Health Information, Inc. continues to deliver high quality publications in both print and electronic formats under the OEM Press imprint.